I was born and raised in Italy, a country where food has a central cultural role. I always loved food and I always loved learning more about the history of ingredients and recipes.
Then I moved to my adoptive country, the United States, a country of immigrants coming from every corner of the world to share in our Founding Parents visions and dreams. Each one of them brought her/his culture and traditions... along with delicious recipes. I soon discovered that the USA is not the land of McDonald's and fast foods, but it is a culinary treasure throve of ancient traditional recipes and flavours coming from the entire planet. I soon started expanding my recipes book bejond the Italian borders.
This page is acting as a virtual recipe book, collecting my favorite recipes, cooking guidelines, and interesting articles about food and culinary traditions. I hope you will find it useful.
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Italian Recipee
Pollo alla Niero
2018, June 10th

This recipe has been passed down in my family from a generation to another. It is not difficult, but it is a little time consuming, so I usually prepare this dish when I have some guests over for lunch or dinner. It's extremelly flavourful and delicious.

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Japanese Recipe
Okara (雪花菜) fish cakes
2018, June 2nd

雪花菜 (okara) is a byproduct of Tofu production, it is rich in fibers, and has a good amount of proteins and calcium. It is also very versatile and delicious. One of Internet favorite 雪花菜-based recipe are the fish cakes. The recipe is simple and quick, and the cakes are delicious! The traditional recipe is gluten free.

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Mexican Recipe
Tofu in Guajillo Chili sauce
2017, November 26th

Guajillo chili (chile guajillo in Spanish) is widely used in the cuisine of Mexico. Its heat is considered mild, and the flavour is unique and delicious. It is often used to make sauce, traditionally used with tamales or chicken. You can prepare a batch of sauce, and use it for many days for different dishes. I usually use the sauce with tofu with a side of rice. Give it a try, it's really good!

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World Fusion Recipe
Venetian Cuisine meets Korean flavors: Baccala' alla Coreana
2017, November 25th

Venetian and South Korean cuisines have few commonalities, but one of them is their love for sun dried Pollock (bacala' in Venetian, and 북어구이 in Korean). This recipe combines some traditional ingredients from this distant regions to generate something unique and remarkably tasty.

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Culinary History
Il baccalà nella tempesta
2015, January, 15th

A very interesting Italian article, written by Nicola Bergamo, that explores the history of one of the most famous and cherrished ingredient of Venetian cuisine: the bacala' (sun dried cod). The bacala' has an incredible action packed history featuring shiprecks on remote islands and intrigue.

Full text: [I Fiori Del Male]
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Italian Recipe
Gnocchetti della Katia
2014 August, 24th

A simple and extremely flavorful Italian dish, named after my friend Katia, that is particularly fond of this dish. It features Gnocchi (a tradition Italian dumpling made from potato, semolina, and flour) and erbette an heirloom Italian green. Since erbette can be hard to find, we provide some possible substitutions.
This is a simple to make, very flavourful dish, that you can prepare for special occasions, or serve as an every day meal.

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